To better serve you, the Nellis AFB Military Personnel Flight will be changing their hours of operation beginning Mon, 3 Feb 2020.

DETAILS: By altering service hours, members of the MPF will have more time to train on the ever-changing personnel systems, improve data base integrity, conduct contingency training and focus on customers’ needs generated virtually.

New Hours of Operation:
ID Cards, DEERs & Awards/Decorations (operated by contractors)
Mon – Fri, 0800 – 1500

Military Personnel Flight (operated by Active Duty military)
Mon – Thurs, 0800 – 1500, Walk-ins & Appointments
Fri, Closed for Training

 Unavailable services on Fridays:
– Assignments
– In/out Processing
– Reenlistments/Extensions
– Retirements
– Promotions
– Separations

In addition to visiting the MPF in person, customers have around-the-clock access to many personnel self-service actions through the Virtual Military Personnel Flight. The Total Force Service Center (TFSC) is also available to help answer questions. The TFSC can be reached at 1-800-525-0102 (toll free and available 24 hours a day, except on 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day), DSN 665-5000 (available 24 hours every day for active duty), or DSN 926-6528 (available 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time for Guard and Reserve members).

In the event of emergencies, the MPF is available to customers on Fridays. Please contact your First Sergeant for further assistance.

4475 England Ave, Bldg 20 – 1st Floor

ID Cards, DEERs & Awards/Decorations
Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 3 PM 

Military Personnel Flight
​Mon – Thurs: 8 AM – 3 PM
Fri: Closed for Training