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Airmen Against Drunk Driving

Our mission is to prevent injuries or loss of life due to DUI related incidents. AADD is a free service for Airmen – whose designated driver plan failed – to use instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking. To use the service, Airmen call the AADD dispatcher and let them know their situation, and the dispatcher sends a volunteer to pick up the stranded Airman. Airmen are not only encouraged to use the service, but to also volunteer for the service to help ensure there is always someone to help an Airman get home. All calls are anonymous, and there is no charge to use the service. AADD is a last resort, not a plan.

Sharepoint URL for volunteer sign up (accessible only on government computers):

First floor of the Samek Center, Bldg 775

Fri – Sat: 11 PM – 4 AM