Unite Program From Vision to Reality,
Unite Revitalizes Squadrons.

The Unite Program intends to provide squadron leaders with the maximum flexibility to develop and deliver programs to strengthen the squadron and build cohesion for personnel within their unit, flight, or group. 

Unite Program benefits all Airmen/Guardians in a unit; Active, Reserve, and Civilian (appropriated and non-appropriated employees) directly assigned.  Impacting over 13,000 Airmen/Guardians on Nellis and Creech combined…

Yes, all Unite phases are eligible to receive Unite Funding:
RefAF and APF/NAF Civ, Reserve, GSUs, Above Wing Level, Pilots in training at AETC bases, Non Air Force led bases/joint bases (McChord, Hickam, Andersen)
Note: Family members are welcome to participate, but they must pay any associated cost/fees.
Please contact the 99 FSS/FSWU Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3)/Unite Program POC for additional information.

Funds can be used:

  • for Activities:  Unite Appropriated Funds (APF) via MOA are designated to offset Airmen activity participation costs.  Funding average is ~$13.50 per person to offset Airmen event costs.  Funds can also be used for activities (bowling, golf, etc., equipment rentals, program supplies, decorations & entertainment).
  • for Food:  Unite Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) can be used for the purchase of food and beverages in support of the Unite program to offset Airmen food costs. Funding average is ~$5.00 per person.

Funds cannot be used to purchase or pay for:

  • Alcohol, Gambling, or Movie Tickets
  • Electronics or DJ services
  • Lodging or transportation (i.e., renting limos, Uber, etc.)
  • Equipment (rentals allowed)
  • Prizes, giveaways, or promo items
  • Cleaning Supplies or PPE; damages or cleaning fees
  • Items for volunteer events, such as gloves, tools, or paint
  • Supplies to donate to charities 
  • Holiday parties
  • End of year events
  • Balls or banquets
  • Dining in/Dining outs
  • Squadron trainings or meetings
  • Change of Commands
  • Promotions/Retirements
  • Base wide special events
  • Movies, concerts, mystery theater, or amusement parks

       Note:  All events requests require AFSVC approval prior to execution. 

Types of Programs:  Examples
Unit-Developed Volunteer/Free Virtual
Amazing Race
Archery / Skeet Shoot
Axe Throwing
Corn Hole/Pool/Dart Tourney
Escape Rooms
Go Karts
Ice Skating or Roller Skating
Paint Ball / Paint Party
Squadron Fun Day
Food Bank
Habitat for Humanity
Highway Cleanup
Holiday Cards for Vets
Mt Charleston Litter Pickup
Nellis RV Park Cleanup
On Base/Local USO
Squadron Fun Run
Squadron Olympics
Three Squares (pack food for needy families)
Wildly Different
Virtual 5K
Virtual Escape Room
Virtual Paint Class
Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Unit Developed:
  Squadron leaders are given the discretion and flexibility to create programs that capitalize on opportunities available on base and in the local area. 

Volunteer/Free:  Charitable work provides a cost-effective team building activity allowing coworkers to see each other in a new light.  Likewise, charitable work can make a distinct difference in the local community.  To use Unite funds to offset the cost of food used in conjunction with a volunteer/free event, an event request must be submitted.

Virtual:  Allows for continued unit cohesion in a physically distant environment. Helps boost morale, eliminate isolation, increase interaction, and strengthen overall team dynamics.  

FSS facilities provide:

    • First-class service experience
    • Safe Environment
    • Convenient Locations
    • Re-invest in your local MWR
    • Set-up and clean-up are available
    • Better value – receive more for your money!
    • Packaged or bundled food with various activities
    • Customer-friendly, easy process for planning and executing your event

Our Facilities: 

    • Arts & Crafts
    • Auto Skills
    • The Club
    • Community Commons
    • Crosswinds Dining Facility
    • Desert Eagle RV Park
    • Gun Club
    • Information, Tickets and Travel
    • Movie Theater
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Sunrise Vista Golf Course
    • Warrior Fitness Center

Note:  During your planning/reservation phase, please be sure to let our FSS facilities know that you are scheduling a Unite event.

  1. Squadron POC Contacts the Installation C3/Unite POC
    To discuss objectives and ideas for your Unite event to help ensure all approval requirements are met.  
  2. Submit your Event Proposal Form
    All Unite request forms are available on our SharePoint site.

    IAW AFSVC guidance, please allow time for coordination and AFSVC approval.
  3. Have Fun at Your Event!
  4. Submit After-Action Report (AAR) Information
    Unit/Squadron POCs are required to submit detailed after-action information and event photos to 99FSS.FSW.C3@us.af.mil within 5 duty days of the event.