The next Generation (new style) ID cards are now available for those members
with an Indefinite ID card by online appointment only.

MPF DEERS Prioritization

Walk-in appointments on-site are now available Mon-Fri, 0800-1100. Individuals will be scheduled based upon the priority of their
request. Please see MPF DEERS Prioritization poster below for further details.

At this time, we ask that customers communicate with us via email.  Please allow up to two duty days for a response.
Retirements & Separations:
Officer & Enlisted Promotions:
Customer Service:

Force Management (Evals/SDAP/Duty Status/UIF & Adverse Actions, etc.):
DEERS ID Card Office:

1. After notification of assignment, contact your unit CSS to load your vOP(virtual out-processing) checklist on the vMPF. Outbound Assignments will initiate your SharePoint website to initiate out-processing actions 8 Duty Days post Commander’s Advanced Assignment Notification. If you are on the Medical Network, you will receive an e-mail, NOT a SharePoint site to initiate out-processing actions.

2. To schedule your final out appointment:

Members on the Network: send one email with all out-processing documents per the PCS booklet and any personnel processing codes (PPCs) you received in your initial assignment email to Once all out-processing documents have been reviewed, the final out appointment will be scheduled. Final outs are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 1000

All Others: Load all out-processing documents per the PCS booklet and any personnel processing codes (PPCs) you received in your initial assignment e-mail via SharePoint. Once all out-processing documents have been reviewed, the final out appointment will be scheduled. Final outs are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 1000.

3. Questions/concerns should be emailed to

1. Members must request retirement or separation via myFSS.
2. For members requesting a pre-final out and final-out appointment, please have them email their DOS date, or Terminal Leave and/or PTDY AF Form 988(s) to
3. Retirement and Separation booklets will be sent via calendar invite when the final-out(s) are scheduled.
4. Members may request a pre-separation final out to ensure their out-processing is on track for completion by the required final out-processing date. Pre-separation final outs may be scheduled 3-5 business days prior to the official final out appointment. Pre-separation appointments are not mandatory.
5. All required items on the base vOP checklist must be completed prior to the final out-processing date. If items are not digitally signed or wet signed on a printed copy member will be redirected to accomplish items and will not be allowed to final out until items are complete.
6. Members must be in UOD when attending final out-processing appointment; no exceptions

Please engage with your Commanders Support Section (CSS) to initiate your extension or reenlistment contract. They will provide you with the extension/reenlistment worksheet and coordinate with the retention office to accomplish your retention contract. Below is the basic eligibility.

1. First Term Airmen (FTA) may reenlist once they have an approved CJR and are within the 12 months of their current enlistment Expiration Term of Service (ETS) date.
2. Career Airmen must reenlist within 90 days of the Date of Separation (DOS) unless they have a service-directed reason to obtain retainability. Thus, members must reenlist within service directed reason requirement.
3. Airmen must reenlist at home station unless, deployed, hospitalized or in pipeline status (school, oversees returnee)
4. Airmen Must be present for duty and cannot be on leave when reenlisting

1. Airmen may extend to obtain service-directed retainability found in AFI 36-2606 Table 6.1
2. First Term Airmen may accomplish a one-time personal convenience extension for 12 months.
3. Career Airmen may accomplish a one-time personal convenience extension anywhere between 1- 24 months.
4. Extension contracts are limited to a total of 48 months per contract. (I.e if you extended for 24 months on a re/enlistment, you have a maximum of 24 months left to extend on that contract)

Career Job Reservation (CJR)
1. All FTA must have an approved CJR to reenlist
2. CJRs are automatic unless an AFSC is constrained.
3. 4yr enlistee Window (35th – 43rd month on current enlistment) 6 yr enlistee (59th – 67th month on current enlistment)
4. The constrained AFSC list can be found on MyFSS

Selective Retention Bonus (SRB)
1. Must reenlist or extend for at least 3 years or 36 months to obtain.
2. Monetary incentive paid to airmen serving in selected critical military skills.
3. SRB listing is posted on myFSS (Updated bi-annually)
4. If extending and AFSC is authorized an SRB, you may extend for 36 – 48 months to obtain minimum retainability months eligibility regardless of required months of need retainability. However, you may not exceed the maximum 48-month extension period.

Customers also have around-the-clock access to many personnel self-service actions through the Virtual Military Personnel Flight. The Total Force Service Center (TFSC) is also available to help answer questions. The TFSC can be reached at 1-800-525-0102 (toll free and available 24 hours a day, except on 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day), DSN 665-5000 (available 24 hours every day for active duty), or DSN 926-6528 (available 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time for Guard and Reserve members).



Passport Application Submissions: Monday- Friday (0800-1130 Bldg 20/Room 120)

For any questions or further assistance, please contact our office at

4475 England Ave, Bldg 20 – 1st Floor

Update ID Cards, DEERs & Awards/Decorations/Appointments
Mon – Fri: 0800 – 1500
ins/Emergency IDs: Mon – Fri: 0800 – 1100

Military Personnel Flight
​Mon – Fri: 0800 – 1500
Closed Every 3rd Friday of Each Month

4475 England Ave, Bldg. 20, Suite 202

Retirements/Separations/Officer and Enlisted Promotions
4475 England Ave, Bldg. 20, Suite 201

4475 England Ave, Bldg. 20, Suite 200

Online Uniformed Services ID Card (USID) Renewal

  • Sponsors now have 2 options to renew their dependent’s USID Card!
    • In-person at your local RAPIDS site schedule your appointment here:
    • Request renewal online and have the card mailed to you!
      • Requirements:
        • Sponsor must be a CAC holder and requesting a renewal of an active USID card
        • Sponsor and Cardholder must have email addresses listed in DEERS that they have authorized DoD to use for contacting them
        • Sponsor’s personnel status must extend at least 30 days in the future from the renewal request date
        • Cardholder has a photo saved in DEERS taken in the last 12 years
        • Cardholder’s mailing address is present in DEERS and is in the United States
          • USIDs cannot be shipped to PO Boxes
    • Visit
    • Under the Family ID Card tab, click “Renew Family Member ID Card”
    • Follow instructions on the web page to submit
    • If any issues occur information is available from the below
    • After submission the request will be reviewed by DMDC (not Nellis AFB). Once the card is complete the sponsor and card holder will receive and email with card tracking information and activation instructions
    • Once the card is received, it must be activated prior to use. Those instructions will come with the card.
    • The sponsor can track the status of request at any point via the IDCO website. If the card recipient does not receive that card within 15 days of notification that it mailed, please contact the the DMDC Support Center at (800) 477-8227 and report the card as lost in transit in IDCO.
    • Once the card is reported lost in transit on the IDCO website:
      • A new renewal request can be submitted via IDCO or the card recipient may visit a RAPIDS site for card issuance.
      • The lost ID card will be terminated and cannot be used if subsequently received
      • A notification email will be sent to the sponsor and card recipient including the process for returning the card if subsequently received
    • The MPF at Nellis AFB does not create nor review online renewal requests. This is strictly completed by DMDC and any issues or problems must be resolved through the resources above.