Warrior Fitness Center Access Program

Making the choice to stay physically fit is the basic building block of any healthy regimen.  This program is designed to help you achieve your goals on a time schedule that works best for you.

All Active Duty (AD) military, Guard/Reserves, DoD Civilians, and members TDY to Nellis and Creech may complete the following steps to register and gain access.

In order to gain access, members must complete all three steps and return to the Warrior Fitness Center with their CAC to have it activated in the system. If at any point a member’s CAC is lost and replaced, they must bring their new CAC back to the Warrior Fitness Center to be activated in the system once again. Members will not have access without the activation from the Warrior Fitness Center.

Program Rules
Dress Code

3705 Freedom Circle, Bldg. 1705

Mon – Fri: 9 PM – 5 AM
Weekends, Holidays & Family Days:
4 PM – 8 AM